Friday, January 20, 2012

New Videos of Kahlan

Kahlan playing on top of the pinball machine with Daddy and Grandpa Barkley.

Kahlan showing us how she gets her breath taken away when Daddy blows on her face.  Sooo cute.

Kahlan practicing standing and having a blast.

Photo Bomb :)

Fun playtime with Timmy Hannich and Addy Kangas.

Thanksgiving break - Meeting Tom.

Eating mashed potatoes.

Playing with Grandma Barkley and Zoe.

Cuddles with Grandpa Barkley.

The awesome Uncle Brian.

Great Aunt Mary Jane playing peek-a-boo.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Anna demonstrating how to use a toy.

Momma, Kahlan and Zoe picking out our Christmas tree.

All bundled up for winter.

Second winter outfit :)

Christmas cookie decorating party (Andy's hunter cookie, ie. dead deer)

Aunt Jessica came to visit.

Christmas pictures will come soon :)