Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some Fun Videos

We like sweet potatoes :)

Playing with Grandpa Barkley.

Showing off our sitting skills that we have perfected in the last two weeks.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kahlan's love for Zoe

Kahlan has been very interested in Zoe for weeks now but apparently tonight Zoe was just the funniest thing that Kahlan had ever seen.  Poor Zoe still wants Kahlan to be able to play.  I have a feeling these two will have a lot of fun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Long time...since i posted...again

So i apologize for the long delay in between posts....again. Actually, i am not sure there are that many people reading this, but for arguments sake, lets say President Obama does. For this reason, i will be more diligent. Kahlan has now fallen deep into love with her Jump-a-roo. Dude, she is like an astronaut training for low gravity space walks. In the beginning, she enjoyed it, but now, you could really just leave her there for....ever. The face is pure delight when she gets actual air and some limited weightlessness. Last night, Kahlan was melting just before small group. Nothing was working, so we put her in the jump-a-roo. Fast forward 2 minutes, happiest baby on the block. Some other things we have noticed is the yawning. For a while now, Kahlan has been a five alarm eye rubber, BUT she now has included adult-esque yawning. This is really helpful for knowing when she is really tired. Laura has observed some rolling over, although this proved to be a fluke. She is however, accidentally rolling over, instead of not at all. Should be exciting. Thats it, gotta work.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Fun

July 10th Bath time in the sink.  We LOVE water!

July 20th, post-bath hair style (courtesy of Daddy).

July 31st, staring very intently at her toys, possibly contemplating world domination.

August 17th, wrangled a hand out of the swaddle during nap time.  Someone was very pleased with themself.

August 22nd, sporting a pretty bow.

September 13th, Zoe and Kahlan are finally aware of each other and have a little romance going on.

September 13th, playing in the Jumperoo.

September 17th, waking up from a very good nap.

September 28th, trying out the new Excersaucer.

October 2nd, swinging in the park.

On the big swing with Mommy.

Daddy's turn.

October 2nd, playtime after a warm bath.

First Trip to Chicago

End of JULY 2011

Meeting Grandpa Ward for the first time

Grandma Ward

Erik Miller and morning snuggle time.

Diana Miller

Zoe and Lady . . . BFF's and extreme trouble-makers!

The Great Grandparents

JULY 2011

Great-Grandpa Cepnik meets Kahlan

Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Cepnik and their first great-grandchild

Great Aunt Donna

Great-Great Aunt Eileen

Great-Grandma Cepnik (Up North) having cuddle time

4 Generations
Grandma, Great-Grandma Barkley, Mommy, Great-Grandma Cepnik and Kahlan

Grandma and Grandpa Barkley
Great-Grandma Barkley, Mommy, Great-Grandma Cepnik and Kahlan

Great-Grandpa Barkley, Great-Grandma Barkley, Mommy, Great-Grandpa Cepnik, Great-Grandma Cepnik and Kahlan

Grandpa and Grandma
Great-Grandpa Barkley, Great-Grandma Barkley, Mommy, Great-Grandpa Cepnik, Great-Grandma Cepnik and Kahlan

Mommy, Great-Grandma Cepnik and Kahlan

Great-Grandpa Cepnik in Midland 

4 Generations (again)

Great- Grandma Barkley at Kahlan's dedication.

Great-Grandpa Barkley at the cabin playing with Kahlan