Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Fun

July 10th Bath time in the sink.  We LOVE water!

July 20th, post-bath hair style (courtesy of Daddy).

July 31st, staring very intently at her toys, possibly contemplating world domination.

August 17th, wrangled a hand out of the swaddle during nap time.  Someone was very pleased with themself.

August 22nd, sporting a pretty bow.

September 13th, Zoe and Kahlan are finally aware of each other and have a little romance going on.

September 13th, playing in the Jumperoo.

September 17th, waking up from a very good nap.

September 28th, trying out the new Excersaucer.

October 2nd, swinging in the park.

On the big swing with Mommy.

Daddy's turn.

October 2nd, playtime after a warm bath.

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