Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello From Andrew

Hello All,

Yes, I did suggest the name for this blog. I mean come on, the only other thing with "Ward" in it is Montgomery Ward (which most people do not even remember, confirming it as a forgettable name anyway). PLUS, being the parent of the new-born is a little...bit...crazy. So, when i suggested "The Psych Ward", Laura laughed and smiled. Rest assured she likes it as well. I know you are probably here to see some pictures, so we are going to get some up tonight. Along with the pictures, we will try to post with funny things she does or talents she is learning. For instance, right now, when she fills a diaper, its sounds like you are in a public bathroom at an amusement park...loud. Then, she smiles, which is too cute. Ohh i am sure she will read these some day and berate me, but for now, it makes me laugh. Enjoy the afternoon.


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