Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last night

So yesterday was our anniversary, which was really awesome. Two years in with a fur-baby and Kahlan...wow. Ok, last night, we put Kahlan down at about 11PM, a little later than usual. We have been working for 10PM (8 actually, but we are being realistic), but she eventually went down. At some point in the night, Kahlan started to stir. This whole process takes a long time, as Kahlan got her sleeping genes from Laura; my wife requires several snooze button hits to awaken properly. Once I realized Kahlan was pretty much awake, i looked at the clock.....5AM. Wow, the little bundle slept almost 6.5 hours. For arguments sake, lets just say it was a full night's sleep. Laura and I got up, got her changed and fed, and got Laura back to sleep. Kahlan went back down around 7AM. Anyway, i think Kahlan was trying to give Mommy and Daddy an anniversary present, the "full" night's sleep we would love to have. Ironically, Laura and I both slept badly...but its the thought that counts.

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